Ni Hao, I'm Leon Long, but I beleive most people refer to me as 2P Hong Kong. I'm not as quiet as my counter part or lack as much emotion as him.Feel free to ask my female counterpart Mo Li questions as well :D

Magic Anon- none


((Still on slight hiatus))

((Sorry work has been kicking my ass latly. So Im sorry I haven’t bee doing much. But it’s offically been two years of this blog. So I will post something up soonish :D))


((Sorry for the lack of updates. Work is kicking my butt, But I have two days off coming up. So Ill try to do something then. Sorry again.))


Journal comic? I wrote this almost like a year ago, and it was practically finished (almost inked completely) but then got uncomfortable about doing something personal. The memories also flood in and the point or message starts to get convoluted as I write (which it probably got here). It feels like I’m getting stuff off my chest, even if I’ve talked about this all before to my good friends. o_o

Anyhoo, I love my mom and there’s few people that I’m as close to as I am with her. She comes from a totally different culture though, so I can accept the fact that there will just be parts of me that she will never understand. 

Anonymous asked
What God Tiers would you and your sister be?

((Mo Li is secretly very sexual, so it makes sence that as a Seer of heart she could see someone’s desires. As for Leon, he’s very destructive and he’s probably killed a few people in his life))

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